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T-Nuts are threaded and function as the receptacle into which hanger bolt equipped sofa legs are screwed.

5/16" is the most common size for furniture manufactured in the United States. M8 and M10 are the common sizes in European furniture.


  • If the sofa is so damaged that a T-Nut will not attach, we recommend the T-Plate Sofa Leg Attachment Plate.

  • This plate installs on the sofa over the old T-Nut hole. The T-Plate has 5/16" threaded centers for easily attaching hanger bolt style legs. The T-Plate attaches to the sofa with 3 screws placed directly into the wood frame of the furniture item. The standard 5/16" hanger bolt sofa leg will then screw directly into the threaded 5/16" center of the T-Plate.

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