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Metric (M10) T-Nuts for Sofa Legs, Set of 6

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Item # 116*031.00.301

Help in Selecting the Correct T-Nut Size
  • This T-Nut is the Metric M10 size.
  • Please see the last two illustrations under More Views for assistance in determining which size T-Nut you need.
  • The T-Nut size selected needs to correspond to the Hanger Bolt Size of the leg being installed.
  • Thread Pitch: 1.5 (coarse thread) - IAW ISO 261
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    Application T-Nuts are threaded and function as the receptacle into which hanger bolt equipped sofa legs are screwed. Size This hanger bolt is the metric size, M10 (10mm in diameter). This T-Nut will fit the metric M10" hanger bolt leg. Installation Information For more information on T-Nut installation, please click here. Threaded Plate for M10 Legs
    • If the sofa is so damaged that a T-Nut will not attach, we recommend the Heavy-Duty Screw Mounted Threaded Plate with M10 Metric Threads (Item # 116*637.07.910.
    • This plate installs on the sofa over the old T-Nut hole. The T-Plate has M10 (10mm) threaded centers for easily attaching M10 hanger bolt style legs. The T-Plate attaches to the sofa with 4 screws placed directly into the wood frame of the furniture item. The metric M10 hanger bolt sofa leg will then screw directly into the threaded 10mm center of the Threaded Plate.
    • The Threaded Plate can be found under We Also Recommend. Click the "We Also Recommend" title above to open the section.

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