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Unless noted in the product name, our sofa legs come installed with 5/16" hanger bolts. This is the standard size for most furniture manufactured in the United States.

If you have any questions about the hanger bolt size in your furniture please do not hesitate to contact us before placing your order.

Hanger Bolts and T-Nuts  A T-Nut is what the hanger bolt on this leg screws into on the furniture item onto which the leg is being installed. Over time T-Nuts can drop off. This often happens during a move. They can also become damaged as the furniture is moved for cleaning.  If the T-Nut is missing or is defective, the hanger bolt leg will not install properly.    Sometimes the Installation Site for the Leg Is So Badly Damaged a T-Nut Cannot Be Installed  Sometime, due to trauma suffered by the leg and original T-Nut, the entire installation site for the leg may be so damaged that there is no way to install a new T-Nut. This is a situation where a T-Plate may be used to good advantage. The T-Plate is large enough to cover the entire installation site. It attaches with three wood screws into the sofa. In the middle of the T-Plate is the threaded nut into which the hanger bolt installs. The entire installation is strong, durable, secure, and safe.  Please be advised that there are two sizes of Hanger Bolts and T-Nuts. Please carefully check the hanger bolt size on your present leg to assure that your new legs will be compatible. Both your present leg and your new leg need to have the same size hanger bolt. The Hanger Bolt on this leg is 5/16".

If your furniture item was manufactured in the United States, your Hanger Bolt / T-Nut is probably the 5/16" size.

Please note how to use a common Bic pen for a size comparison.

If you are uncertain which size Hanger Bolt / T-Nut you need, please call for assistance.

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