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Our Sofa Legs Are Not Just for Sofas  Our sofa legs are not just for the sofa. They also fit well and look well on chairs, ottomans, and other furniture items.    The Importance of Good Sofa Legs  Your entire sofa, chair, ottoman and other furniture pieces rest on the leg. If the leg is loose or otherwise defective, the result can be an uncomfortable use of the furniture. Defective legs can lead to structural damage to the furniture item because of uneven stress loads being placed on the frame. It is important, not only for appearance sake, but also for the well being of your furniture to keep the legs in good repair.    Change the Style or Height of Your Furniture with New Legs  Even if your legs are still in good condition, you may wish to add new legs for function or appearance sake. Purchasing longer legs than are presently installed will raise the height of the furniture item from the floor. Of course, shorter legs will lower the height. An easy cost effective way to alter the style of your furniture is with the installation of new legs. There are many styles, color, and finishes from which to choose.    The Leg Daddy 4-7/16" Brown Finish Square Tapered Plastic Sofa Leg  This leg is attached to the furniture item with a 5/16" hanger bolt. Attachment and removal of the leg is easy. The leg is simply turned to the right to install and to the left to remove. This plastic leg is beautifully finished in a dark brown finish. The plastic is strong and durable.    Hanger Bolts and T-Nuts  A T-Nut is what the hanger bolt on this leg screws into on the furniture item onto which the leg is being installed. Over time T-Nuts can drop off. This often happens during a move. They can also become damaged as the furniture is moved for cleaning.  If the T-Nut is missing or is defective, the hanger bolt leg will not install properly.    Sometimes the Installation Site for the Leg Is So Badly Damaged a T-Nut Cannot Be Installed  Sometime, due to trauma suffered by the leg and original T-Nut, the entire installation site for the leg may be so damaged that there is no way to install a new T-Nut. This is a situation where a T-Plate may be used to good advantage. The T-Plate is large enough to cover the entire installation site. It attaches with three wood screws into the sofa. In the middle of the T-Plate is the threaded nut into which the hanger bolt installs. The entire installation is strong, durable, secure, and safe.    Order Some T-Nuts / T-Plates with Your Sofa Leg  Take a look at the installation sites for your legs. Defective or missing T-Nuts can usually be detected by a visual examination. As an added check, try wiggling your old leg while it is installed to determine if it the T-Nut is loose. If you find missing or defective T-Nuts with your present legs, simply order replacements. Even if you find no defective T-Nuts, it is not a bad idea to keep some T-Nuts on hand for future leg problems.    Discounted T-Nuts / T-Plates  When purchased together with Sofa Legs, the price of the T-Nuts / T-Plates will be discounted automatically in the shopping cart. Please see the "We Also Recommend" tab for the T-Nuts or T-Plates.    Special Note on Hanger Bolts and T-Nuts

  • Please be advised that there are two sizes of Hanger Bolts and T-Nuts. Please carefully check the hanger bolt size on your present leg to assure that your new legs will be compatible. Both your present leg and your new leg need to have the same size hanger bolt. The Hanger Bolt on this leg is 5/16".
  • If your furniture item was manufactured in the United States, your Hanger Bolt / T-Nut is probably the 5/16" size.
  • If your furniture is European / Italian, your Hanger Bolt / T-Nut is probably the Metric (M10) 10mm size..
  • Please see the Hanger Bolt Illustrations under More Views for a comparison view of the 5/16" Hanger Bolt and 10mm M10 Hanger Bolt. Please note how to use a common Bic pen for a size comparison.
  • If you are uncertain which size Hanger Bolt / T-Nut you need, please call for assistance.

  • Hangar bolt size: 5/16"
  • Height: 4 1/2"
  • Top Width: 4" Bottom Width: 2 3/4"
  • Made of high quality plastic
  • Wishing won't make this product fit your needs, please pay attention to measurements and specifications for your project!

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