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IN-HOUSE SERVICE: Remove 5/16" Hanger Bolt and Install M10 Metric Hanger Bolt

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Item # ServiceCharge-M10

Important Information

  • This service is available for wooden sofa legs ONLY which already have a 5/16" Hanger Bolt installed. Screw Mount, OEM, Dowel Mount, plastic legs, and metal legs are NOT eligible.
  • This service will add 2 - 3 Business Days processing time before the customer's order will ship
  • The Service Charge for this service is $3.00 PER LEG. If the customer is purchasing 4 legs, they will need to add a quantity of 4 Service Charges to their order.
  • The Service charge is non-refundable. If the legs are returned, the Service charge will not be refunded.
  • Once the purchased legs have the M10 hanger bolt installed, they cannot later be changed back to a 5/16" hanger bolt.
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    The Old Problem In the past if one needed a wooden sofa leg with an M10 Metric hanger bolt, but liked a certain wooden leg which had the standard 5/16" hanger bolt -- the only option was to purchase a 5/16" T-Plate in order to install each leg being replaced. The project was certainly doable, but required one to install a T-Plate with each wooden sofa leg being replaced. The New Solution We are now offering a new service for customers who need wooden sofa legs with an M10 hanger bolt, but have found a wooden sofa leg they like with a 5/16" hanger bolt. We will - in house - remove the present 5/16" hanger bolt from the wooden leg selected by the customer and install a new M10 metric hanger bolt. This means the customer will receive their new wooden sofa legs with M10 Metric hanger bolts already installed. The wooden sofa legs will thus be ready to simply screw into the old M10 threaded receptors on the furniture item. The amount of work and time needed for leg installation is significantly reduced. M10 Hanger Bolt Included The charge for this service includes the cost of the M10 Hanger Bolt as well as the installation of the bolt. The customer does not need to purchase the hanger bolt separately. M10 Threaded Plate If the are where the M10 hanger bolt is to be installed is too damaged to accept the M10 T-Nut, the M10 Threaded Plate is available. It attaches to the furniture item with 4 wood screws and the M10 Hanger Bolt is then screwed into the M10 Threaded Plate. This item is listed under "Related Products" along the right edge of this page. Special Note on Hanger Bolt Sizes
    • Please be advised that there are three sizes of Hanger Bolts. Please carefully check the hanger bolt size on your present leg to assure that your new legs will be compatible. Both your present leg and your new leg need to have the same size hanger bolt. The common or standard Hanger Bolt size is 5/16".
    • If your furniture item was manufactured in the United States, your Hanger Bolt is probably the 5/16" size.
    • If your furniture is European / Italian, your Hanger Bolt is probably the Metric (M10) 10mm size, but it may be the new (M8) 8mm size..
    • Please see the Hanger Bolt Illustrations under More Views for a comparison view of the 5/16" Hanger Bolt, the 10mm M10 Hanger Bolt, and the 8mm M8 Hanger Bolt. Please note how to use a common Bic® pen for a size comparison. Under "Related Products", along the right edge of this page, is listed a "Hanger Bolt Fit Test Kit" which is available to help determine which size hanger bolt is needed.
    • If you are uncertain which size Hanger Bolt you need, please call for assistance.
    Special Note on "In-House Service" Please be advised that our "In-House Service" does NOT entail Sofa Leg Warehouse personnel traveling to the customer's residence to perform this service. We perform the above described service for our customers in our warehouse. The legs, with the appropriately installed hanger bolts, are then shipped to the customer who will install the purchased legs on their furniture item.

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