Not Sure Which You Need?

With so many types of sofa legs, it can be difficult figuring out just which ones will work best for you. See the chart below to help you find the best set of legs.

Wooden Sofa Legs

Commonly installed with hanger bolts, we offer you the option to select what size hanger bolt you would like installed.  5/16" is standard for furniture manufactured in the USA.  M8 and M10 are normally found in European furniture, such as IKEA.

If you currently have Metric legs and want standard 5/16" Hanger Bolt legs, you can easily replace the T-Nuts or T-Plates on your couch.

Plastic Sofa Legs

Similar to wooden sofa legs, plastic legs are installed with hanger bolts.  Most of the legs we offer are only available with 5/16" hanger bolts.

Universal AKA Screw Mount Sofa Legs

These legs are considered the "Universal" leg, because they will work in almost any situation. These legs have holes drilled through them, and are attached by putting a regular wood screw through the hole and into the frame of the couch. Because they screw directly into the wood, no additional mounting hardware is needed. Installing or removing this style of leg usually requires the use of a screwdriver.

OEM Sofa Legs

Used by some designers and manufacturers for specific projects. Mounting methods will vary from one project to the next, since these legs tend to be used for unique purposes.

Dowel Mount Sofa Legs

Used by many manufacturers for its simplicity. Mounting methods will vary from one project to the next, since these legs are usually used by manufacturers, carpenters, or to replace an existing leg of a similar style.

How to Measure For Your New Furniture Legs

No one wants to find the perfect furniture leg, order a set online, and get them in the mail just to realize they stick out from your sofa when installed. This can lead to extra wear and tear on the leg and furniture or worse, lead to someone tripping and falling. We here at Sofa Leg Warehouse do our best to provide all measurements of the legs we sell. Not just the height but also the width of the leg.

Before ordering look for the "top width" measurement on the leg you are interested in within the product description. This tells you how wide the leg is on top, where the hanger bolt is installed. If you divide that measurement by half you know how much space is needed on your sofa or furniture from the mounting point to the edge.

For example, if on my sofa the point where my current leg screws in is 2 inches from the edge that means I will be able to install a new sofa leg with a top width measurement of 4 inches or less and not worry about the leg sticking out at the corner or edge.

If you do not see the "top width" measurement in the product listing for a furniture leg you are interested in, please call us at 1-800-823-4233. You'll get prompt help from a real person, not a machine. They will be able to inform you if the leg you are interested in should fit on your furniture without being too wide and protruding out.