About Us

Welcome to Sofa Leg Warehouse, your online destination for replacement furniture legs, hardware, and design inspiration.  We have been supplying the nation with Leg Daddy brand sofa legs for over 15 years and going strong.  Whether you are looking to raise or lower the height of your couch, revitalize an old piece of furniture, or try your hand at a DIY project you found on Pinterest, we are here to help!

Sofa Leg Warehouse is located in the heart of the furniture capital of the world, High Point, NC.  We have years of industry experience and knowledge as well as our finger on the pulse of all the newest furniture trends. 

Are you a furniture designer or interior decorator?  We proudly offer bulk discounts for bigger projects for your clients.  You can browse our store to find a large selection of wood and plastic legs in a variety of styles, shapes, and finishes.  Our assortment of hanger bolt attached sofa legs are simple to install and beautifully crafted.  If you currently have European-made furniture, no need to worry!  We offer an in-house bolt switch service to fit metric furniture as well. 

Aside from our hanger bolt legs, we also proudly offer dowel mounted, screw mounted, and uniquely mounted OEM legs.  These different styles are typically used by furniture manufacturers so they may have a unique installation method.  If you are unsure what you need for your project, our knowledgeable customer service team are leg experts and will guide you through the install. 

Sofa Leg Warehouse also offers unfinished wooden legs that extra level of customization for your project and mounting hardware solutions for damaged or worn furniture.  We want to provide you with every option because we believe that every furniture project is different and everyone needs great legs.

As part of the Homeplace Group family of web destinations, our products are backed by the Homeplace Group Ltd. Lifetime Service Policy so you can sleep soundly at night.  For more information on this policy, click here