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New Low-Profile High Weight Capacity Caster
  • The new Composite Plastic Casters features a low-profile design. The wheels are only 2" in diameter and the caster is only 3" high from the bottom of the wheels to the top of the hex nut located at the bottom of the threaded stem.
  • This caster is the strongest composite caster on the market. Using patented technology, this caster is able to deliver load capacity not previously available from a molded caster. Please see below for weight capacities under varying conditions.
Weight Capacities Under Varying Conditions
  • Dynamic Test (while moving): Caster loaded to 150 lbs., run over 1/8" obstacle for 500 crossings. Obstacle is then removed and caster run 9,500 additional strokes
  • Static Load Test (while at a fixed position): Tested successfully as four times the load rating (150 lbs. x 4 = 600 lbs.
  • Impact Test: Dropped 2" with the rated load (150 lbs. x 2" = 300 inch lbs.)
Application This caster can be used as a replacement caster or as a new original caster on furniture items that accept a 5/16" - 18 Threaded Stem. The threaded stem has a 1/2" Hex Nut at the base of the stem.This caster has been engineered for easy rolling to facilitate easy movement of the furniture item. How Sold The minimum purchasable quantity is 4 casters.

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